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Myrh Lee Nierras

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Nierras is excited to join the MCS team this year. She has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Azusa Pacific University and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music. She’s been in education for 22 years, teaching mainly primary grades (K-3) in three school districts. 

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Yorling C. Montoya

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Montoya has been teaching at Montebello Christian School for 4 years. She has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Vanguard University. Mrs. Montoya is currently working on her Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in Elementary Education.

Sandra Martinez

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Martinez has been an educator for 10 years. This includes being a teacher's aide, a one-on-one special education aide, and a substitute teacher. She is currently working on her teaching credential for multiple subjects and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business from Azusa Pacific University

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Romana Peña

3rd/4th Grade Teacher

This is Ms. Peña’s 15th year of teaching at MCS. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Resource Management from Cal Poly University, as well as a Master of Art in Education from UPI with an emphasis on Elementary Education.

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Carmen R. Castro

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Castro is one of our longest-serving faculty/staff members, having served MCS since 1978. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Cal State, LA. Her teaching emphases included English (literature), 4th – 6th grade Bible, and 5th-grade reading, spelling, and language.

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Holly Burgess

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Burgess is a native of Oklahoma and now resides in Long Beach, Ca. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2004, studying Speech Language Pathology. Her heart and passion has always been for children and has worked in the education field since 2006 with the past four years working as a full time teacher in upper elementary in the Christian private school sector. In Mrs. Burgess words, "My walk with the Lord is my most important part of my life, and it is my blessed opportunity to get to instill Christian core values with a high level education for my students."


Cassandra Anaya

7th Grade/Science

Miss Anaya is an alumni of Montebello Christian School, graduating class of 2011. She attended and  graduated from Grand Canyon University, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with an emphasis in

Pre-Med, as well as being ACSI certified. She is excited to bring her new and creative style of learning to be both engaging and fun for all.

Yvette Reneaux-Palmas

8th Grade/ History/Education Specialist

Mrs. Reneaux-Palmas is the newest teacher on our team. She possesses an A.A in child development from Los Angeles Community College, a B.A. in Social Science, and an M.A. in History from Cal State LA. She is credentialed in history and as an educational specialist, having worked for Pomona Unified teaching history to special needs students for two years.

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Salina Walters

Teacher’s Assistant

Day Care/Aide

Mrs. Walters has been working at MCS since 1995—over 25 years—in various capacities supporting our faculty. Currently she is serving as a teacher’s assistant in the lower grades from K-2. She helps those lowers grade teachers in working with students during reading time and arts/crafts, as well as serving as a lunch aide and after school day care worker.

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Arnica Ortega

Teacher’s Assistant

Day Care/Aide

Mrs. Ortega has been with our school since 2006, serving in many different areas between teacher’s assistant, lunch aide, and day care worker roles throughout her time. She is currently serving as a 3rd and 4th grade teacher’s assistant, assisting with reading, social studies, and science class. After school she serves as a day care worker. Arnica holds an Associate’s Degree in Child Development and holds a pre-school credential.

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Maria Hurtado

Support Staff

Day Care/Aide

Mrs. Hurtado has been supporting our staff as lunch aide and after school day care worker since 2010. Her warm smile, patient attitude, and gentleness is contagious around our campus.

Linda Alviso.jpeg

Linda Alvizo

Support Staff

Day Care/Aide

Mrs. Alvizo has been a part of our school almost from the very beginning when we first opened doors in 1970. We look forward to celebrating both our school’s and her 50th anniversary with us! She assists the office staff and student learning with focusing on reading/testing, and also serves as our morning day care worker

Julian Cornejo

Athletics Director

Mr. Cornejo has 5 years of experience with children as a summer camp counselor and a substitute teacher. He looks forward to working with all the staff and helping develop a robust physical education curriculum and competitive athletics program



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Nella Klepach-Semerenko

Mrs. Klepach-Semerenko has been an educator for over 8 years including a teacher’s aide, working in Sped, and long term 2nd grade teacher. She brings a well-suited educational background to this position, including a Bachelor of Business Administration from California State LA and a Master of Arts in Teaching, Elementary Education, from WGU.

Roxanne Zamora

Executive Secretary

Roxanne has completed courses in child development and currently holds an Associate’s Degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences. Prior to joining our staff, Roxanne worked within a Riverside School District for 7 years, running their transportation department, which transported both general and special need students




Board Member

Pat Cornejo

Board Member

Darlene Fierro

Board Member

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Ofelia Sandoval

Board Member

Paul Montoya

Board Member

Romana Peña

Board Member

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Sebastian Petz